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Ribbon corset part 4
In the previous post the side was sewn to the ribbon parts. Now it's time to continue by adding the back and the front to the corset. And also finishing up the side part will be covered in this post.

First it's time to start sewing the front and back to the corset. The same procedure as the side.

1: Pin the both parts together.

2: Sewing directly next to the stitch line.

3: Press it.

4: Stitch it.

5: Secure the loose ribbon edges.

Do the same for the front part and on the other side of the corset.

Now it's time to finish the side part of the corset and wrap it up in ribbon. I found this to be a little bit tricky. Also because I wanted to keep the corset antique looking. Antique ribbon corsets don't have a binding on to finish the edges, but are folded in and stitched.

This is quite difficult, but I managed to do it and here's how I did it:

Here's the side part of the corset with the right side showing. First it's time to sew coutil in place.

Take the coutil and the pattern and draw the seam allowance on the coutil.

Then it's time to press it.

Lay this on top of the unfinished side part and stitch it into place.

Mark the edge of the side panel and cut it.

Now comes the tricky part.

Get a ribbon to cover the side and lay it on top of the coutil.

Make sure the edges of the ribbon cover up the coutil completely, so the coutil doesn't show. Then pin the ribbon so it stays in place. Fold the edges of the ribbon under, between the ribbon and the coutil and pin it in place. At some points there will be ribbon sticking out, but fold that back under and pin it.

Now you have one side covered, but I want both sides covered so there's ribbon on the inside and outside.
Repeat the same steps on the inside or outside of the corset.

Now it's time to baste it in place to make sure both ribbons are lined up correctly so you can sew them both in 1 go.

Stitch directly next to the basting.

Mark the center of this panel The edge should be a little longer than the coutil part and put a pin in it.

Stitch along the line.

Stitch the other boning channels and stitch the edge of the panel to close it. Leave one edge open to slide the bones in it.

Now repeat the same on the other side of the corset.


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