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Modern overbust corset
I'm already planning a new corset. After finishing the ribbon corset I thought it would be time to try something new again. I've never made a real modern overbust corset, so that's what I'm going to make.

More notes under the cut

It will be a modern style corset which can be used as underwear. So it should be comfortable and invisible as possible under other garments.

I'm thinking of a skin colored corset, as that's the least visible under clothing. But this might change in the process.

Not sure yet. I probably will use 2 layers. One layer of herringbone coutil for the inside. For the outside I have different options:

Bouttoniere Broche
Corsage Broche
Floral Coutil
Spot Broche
Jacquard Coutil

These are my options. Personally I like the Spot Broche and the Jacquard Coutil the most.

I will draft the pattern myself, not using an existing pattern. As the corset should be comfortable and not creating any bulges near the edges, I will add some ease in the back parts of the pattern.

I haven't used spiral bones ever before, so this will be a good opportunity to try them for the first time. The center front and center back will be flat bones of course. The bust part will be spiral bones.

Now it's time to start creating a pattern and of course making mock-ups


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