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Victorian slippers
It's already been some time since I last posted something here, so I'll share the making of Victorian slippers (or early 19th century slippers.

It's no suprise to say I'm quite a shoe lover, so what better than making my own historic shoes. The inspiration came from the very late 18th century slippers with pointy toes and the early 19th century slippers with square toes.

Aren't these beautiful!

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Ribbon corset nr. 2!
Finally I have some time on my hands again for some corset making. I've been thinking about making a new corset for some time, but never put it into action.

I was thinking on making a cupped corset for a friend's wedding, but then I realized it might not be the most comfortable to wear something like that under a dress. Especially when thinking about eating, drinking and of course dancing. So I let this idea slip away quickly and thought of something else.

I came to think about the ribbon corset I made a couple of years ago and it's such a comfortable corset to wear. Then I thought: why not make another ribbon corset, only improved?! This, because the ribbon corset I already made has some improvements for my body, as I think it's too victorian (curvy) in the front. The front should be straight or at least less curved.

Another improvement would be the length of the corset. I like the corset to cover up more of my body, but it should be an underbust. Also I want to apply more boning channels for support.

And last I want to experiment with plastic whalebones, to see how they are and behave in a corset such as this.

These are the outlines for the corset. I haven't thought about the color of the ribbon yet, but probably pink or skin colored.

Finished the corset

It's a single layered corset. Only the front and back parts are double layered. I used spot broche, which is a simple, elegant yet strong and thick fabric. I recommend this fabric for single layer corsets, not for double or more layered corsets.

I used flat felling seams. This created some bulk in certain area's (back part). In these seams I placed bones. For the other bones I created casings of the same fabric and placed them on the inside of the corset.

There are 13 bones per side. 3 flat (1 next to the busk and 2 in the back) and the other 10 are spiral bones.

I wanted to bind the corset with the spot broche, but it was too thick and would only create more bulk so I decided to use plain white bias binding.
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How to make a corset invisible
There are a couple of options to make a corset invisible under clothing. I need this information for the modern corset I'm working on so I can apply it to the corset.
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Modern corset
The mock-up is going great. It's almost finished and after that I can start making the corset. I'm still not completely sure on which fabric to use, but I've ordered some fabric samples. The same goes for the color. I have no idea which color to pick. A powdery pink? Maybe some beige? White...? I'll figure something out.

Modern overbust corset
I'm already planning a new corset. After finishing the ribbon corset I thought it would be time to try something new again. I've never made a real modern overbust corset, so that's what I'm going to make.

More notes under the cut
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Ribbon corset part 5: finishing the corset
After the sides are covered in ribbon it's time to cover the back with ribbon.
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Ribbon corset part 4
In the previous post the side was sewn to the ribbon parts. Now it's time to continue by adding the back and the front to the corset. And also finishing up the side part will be covered in this post.
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Ribbon corset part 3: cutting and sewing
After finishing up the pattern it was time to start cutting and sewing.

*Warning: lots of pictures*

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Ribbon corset part 2: pattern
Let's start with the pattern part, which can be difficult sometimes (well to be honest most of the time).

I was drafting the pattern to the size I wanted and it turned out rather curvy at the sides. Maybe a little too curvy. This made me doubt the pattern, so I started to check other ribbon patterns.
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