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Ribbon corset part 1: starting
When starting with a corset, I first look at patterns and pictures/drawings for inspiration. Then the 2nd step is to take measurements and drafting a pattern.
After I took the measurements I needed, it was time to write everything down about the corset and materials needed.As I used ribbon for the corset, the ribbon width was the crucial factor. The ribbon width was 6,8 cm wide (2,67 inch).

For strength, herringbone coutil will be used at the front, side and back. But this will be covered with the ribbon.
Then it was time to measure out the front, side and back for the corset for both the ribbon and coutil


There will be a busk and one bone in the front part. The busk is 1,2 cm wide and the bone 0,7. When these are sewn in, they take 1,5 cm and 1 cm of space. This means that I need 2,5 cm for only the busk and the bone. Since I will be using 1 cm seam allowances, the space will be 4,5 cm for the coutil. The ribbon does only need 1 seam allowance (busk edge). So this will be 3,5. For the little overlap for the ribbon I added 0,3 cm.

Front part including seam allowance:    4,5 cm for the coutil
                                                         3,8 cm for the ribbon

The same step will be repeated for the side.


I want to use the full width of the ribbon, which is 6,8 cm (2,67 inch). Minus 0,3 cm for top stitching on both sides of the ribbon = 0,6 cm. This makes 6,2 cm left for the bones. Since the pocket for the bones will be 1 cm wide, I can use 6 bones in the side panel.

Side part including seam allowance:       Full ribbon width (6,8 cm)
                                                           6,2 cm for the coutil + 2 cm seam allowance = 8,2 cm


4 bones will be used and eyelets, which makes the panel 5 cm wide. For the ribbon 0,3 cm has to be added for top stitching. And of course seam allowance of 1 cm.

Back part including seam allowance:      6,3 cm for the ribbon
                                                           6 cm for the coutil + 2 cm seam allowance = 8 cm

After figuring this part out, it’s time to make the complete pattern.


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