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How to make a corset invisible
There are a couple of options to make a corset invisible under clothing. I need this information for the modern corset I'm working on so I can apply it to the corset.

1: Single layer of fabric.
2: Internal bone casings.
3: Front busk to minimize lacing at the front.
4: Using a cover or shapewear over the corset.
5: Corset should be long enough so other clothing can cover it.
6: Underbust is easier to hide.

These are the options.
It will be an overbust corset, so the bone casings will be placed on the inside and I will use one layer of spot broche. Now I have to think about how the seams will be. First I thought I would just place the bone casings on top of the seam. Now I'm considering flat felled seams. I'll probably use the last type of seams.


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