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Ribbon corset nr. 2!
Finally I have some time on my hands again for some corset making. I've been thinking about making a new corset for some time, but never put it into action.

I was thinking on making a cupped corset for a friend's wedding, but then I realized it might not be the most comfortable to wear something like that under a dress. Especially when thinking about eating, drinking and of course dancing. So I let this idea slip away quickly and thought of something else.

I came to think about the ribbon corset I made a couple of years ago and it's such a comfortable corset to wear. Then I thought: why not make another ribbon corset, only improved?! This, because the ribbon corset I already made has some improvements for my body, as I think it's too victorian (curvy) in the front. The front should be straight or at least less curved.

Another improvement would be the length of the corset. I like the corset to cover up more of my body, but it should be an underbust. Also I want to apply more boning channels for support.

And last I want to experiment with plastic whalebones, to see how they are and behave in a corset such as this.

These are the outlines for the corset. I haven't thought about the color of the ribbon yet, but probably pink or skin colored.