Ribbon corset part 1: starting
When starting with a corset, I first look at patterns and pictures/drawings for inspiration. Then the 2nd step is to take measurements and drafting a pattern.
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Ribbon corset
*A little update*

As I had other things on my mind during the summer (a crazy, funny, delicious summer holiday in Portugal) I didn't had time to make a corset.

But finally.... I bought some very nice ribbon for the ribbon corset. The color is difficult to describe, but it's a skin colored ribbon with a touch of gold through it. A beautiful wedding color if I may say so.
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New Filofax
I finally received my new Filofax!! And I love it! It's the Tropic in personal size and colour Bamboo.

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New corset
Okay! Since it's almost summer holiday for me, I need to get a summer project going. And what better way to spend a summer on what I love to do most: making corsets.

So obviously I'm going to make a corset for the summer.

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Happy New Year!
First I want to say Happy New Year to everybody. I hope you will find peace and happiness in 2012.

For my projects, I've not been working on them as I've had a surgery. I'm still recovering and it will take another couple of weeks to recover. So for the coming time I won't be doing any projects. But when I'm fully recovered, I'll be working on my projects again!

Copying the pattern
Now the pattern is taped together, I can trace all the pattern pieces.

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Pattern scaling
Ok, so the first step is to decide which pattern you will use. As I already did that it's time to scale them up. I found these patterns in an online museum catalogue. Sadly they aren't the original size, so I have to scale them up.

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My next project will be....
A winter coat. At least I'll start with that as I have not much to do anyway. You could see two pictures of which coats I really liked in my previous post. If you haven't seen them yet, they will be in this post again.

Ok time for a cut!

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What will be my next project....
Now I'm done with the corset, I'm thinking about taking up some new project. So what are the things I'm thinking of making?

Under the cut more info ;)

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Corset making, garters
After I figured out how to make the garters, I decided to give it a go. First I wanted to cover them up in satin, but as I didn't had enough satin left I decided not to do that.

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